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Three Lives Lost Amid Refugee Health Crisis in Indonesia

The system created for refugees in Indonesia is taking our lives. We lost two of our fellow refugees in one day. In Afghanistan, we lose our lives. In here, we lose our lives.

Salty Fish ماهي شور

I become a bitter fish

in your river

you discard me


The red curtain made the room’s shade tangerine, it was burning like an engine. I was laying on the blue sheets of the bed, aware of every inch of the sheet touching my body …

The Other Side of the Taliban

Like many of you, I have seen the Taliban from a long distance. You might have seen their photos and videos on newspapers and TV screens … I never thought I would see one of the key bases of the Taliban in Kabul from the closest possible distance. Eventually, it happened. On Wednesday, September 8, a group of young women had a peaceful gathering in front of a Taliban militant base in Karte Chahar, west part of Kabul, protesting against the violations of their human and civil rights. Two of my colleagues went to the scene to cover these peaceful protests.

Siya Sar سیا سر

“My first child was a girl! The second was a girl! The third was a girl! You gave me six girls. You are trying to destroy my generation.” Khaled rebuked while examining all angles of the yard to find another reason for continuing the argument. Suddenly he saw Fatima and grabbed her hand with his heavy muscle’s ones while she wanted to stealthily pass the one meter diameter space behind Khaled to enter the kitchen. “I have enough of your type in my house, tiny siya sar! Go to your house, otherwise I would know what to do with you and your Mursal.”

Atonement of Secrets تاوان راز ها

Atonement of Secrets تاوان راز ها is the winner of the archipelago’s inaugural Art and Photography Competition.

Mohammad Asif Rezaie


A Memorial to Asif Reziae


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