the archipelago is home to new literature and art on migration.

We began as a writers collective of Eritrean, Sudanese, Somali, Afghan, Myanmar, Indonesian and Australian writers in the refugee community in West Java, collaborating to forge new narratives.
We mentor refugee and migrant-background writers and amplify their creative work.
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Atonement of Secrets تاوان راز ها

Atonement of Secrets تاوان راز ها is the winner of the archipelago’s inaugural Art and Photography Competition.

Mohammad Asif Rezaie


A Memorial to Asif Reziae
Sangi Sabur سنگی صبور

It was Tuesday and the second period was math. Math was boring for me. Before…

The Uncalled Guest

The butchers, smoking cigarettes, use the meat as an ashtray. The cats near the butchers…

Refugees Risk Catching Covid-19 in Overcrowded Shelters

Last Friday, a refugee living in a shelter run by the International Organization of Migration,…

Education can uplift refugee women in Indonesia

For the last two years I have been an advocate for the refugee community in…


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