Thanks for visiting our Community Blog. Here, you can read works of new and emerging writers from around the world. You may ask what makes it different from our main website? The Community Blog is a more accessible publication opportunity where we aspire to support new and emerging writers who otherwise face challenges in getting their creative labors to the world. We mainly support writers who are discriminated against and are underrepresented but our submission door is open for any writer living anywhere on this planet. Please carefully read the following guideline before sending your writings. 


What we are looking for:

  • We publish both flash and longer fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction essays anywhere between 300 to 4000 words. For poetry up to 150 lines.
  • We are looking for writings with a strong theme that challenges the world order.
  • Your writings must require little to no editing. At the moment, we are unable to support any editing for the writings published in the Community Blog. Please send us your edit-free work.
  • Please include a short bio (third-person) at the bottom of your piece upon submission.
  • Your piece must never have been published in any format before including social media.
  • We accept works in docs, docx, and pdf. 


Copyright: After we publish your work on the archipelago Community Blog, all rights revert to the authors. Published authors do not need our permission to republish their works, though we appreciate an acknowledgement of first publication.

Payment: We are unable to compensate for the writings appearing in the Community Blog. If you wish to get paid please consider sending your work for our main page publication.

Submission: We are open all year around. Please send your work through the following FORM.

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What Is My Name?

What is my name? For I know it is not the same, I have lost my identity, To the world’s entity. I look towards the sunrise, Hoping to find familiarity in the skies, However, I find not Any inkling of remanence I forgot. The noise starts to grow, A shred of memories shows, Then the…

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(still) searching for a safe piece of land – Hazara refugee in Limbo

searching for a safe piece of land for life, where I can live peacefully, where I can work, study, support my family, where I can find my soulmate and get married, where I can build my future and develop the economy of the land that I live in, I couldn’t live and study peacefully in…

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The Magic of Slime

In a realm where wonders gleam, A snail weaves a magical theme, Glistening trail adorns its way, Unveiling secrets day by day. Graceful glide on blades of green, Nature’s marvels softly seen, Each slimy stroke, a tale untold, Mysteries in slime’s embrace unfold. A creature of poise and ease, Navigating with gentle breeze, Its shell…

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Time Travel

The past is full of mystery, A site of wonder and a fantasy, If only we could make a choice, And talk upon the past’s sweet voice. Imagine if we could go back, To a time we cherish without a lack, And perceive the moments we let go, To relive them and feel once more.…

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I trace Mother’s hands with my own, the soft pads of my thumbs falling victim to the deep fissures running over her palms. Her hands are a map of her adventures, a humble reminder of the love she marked on her children. The blisters that crown her hand tell a titan’s tale, of how she…

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It Only Takes Seconds

Wesley adored his English teacher, who also happened to be his Form teacher. Having just turned nine, the young boy was constantly awash in turbulent emotions, and Ms Alexander was a steady island in a fickle, furious ocean. He was blind to her shrivelled left arm and claw-like hand; ignored her often lopsided brown bush…

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In reply to M.G.S.T.’s “Howl”

She was a provincial girl – no not the kind of provincial girl you think with jewels and queendom and kings and what-have-you from the well-to-do manors and castles – No, to see her, you have to look harder between the bushes and the rattling shelters  made up of leftover dinners and broken dishes and…

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One More Day

Mia sits on the couch, staring at the bare charcoal wall and waits for him to come. Her mind goes blank, and all she can hear is the rhythmic ticking of her watch. She searches for it among the sea of unopened packages piled in the corner to check the time, and her eyes catch…

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A Little Lonely Fairy Girl

The sky glowed with beautiful colors like a rainbow as a single fairy girl flew gracefully. She remembered a time when she didn’t have wings on her back. It was when she turned 20 that the wings suddenly appeared. But what happened before that? Well, that’s when Alsa’s story truly began: Once upon a time,…

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The Heavy Fog

Rama is a young man from a remote village who is currently studying medicine in the big city of Jakarta. Soon he will be sworn in as a doctor. The co-ass he is living at a major hospital in Jakarta will soon be finished next month. He is a candidate for a famous doctor among…

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The Consequences of Mondays

The journey on the train was delayed, like it often was. Devyn heard the latest announcement stiffen in the air, the promise the train would move again soon. Today’s delay was caused by leaves on the tracks. She’d waited before for green lights, snow, wind, for struck deer, for struck people. But never had the…

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Golden Jubilee

Have you ever envisioned your final moments? A death fantasy, as they say. I, for once, had never indulged in such thoughts. The idea of ever ceasing to exist was too daunting to even contemplate. And whenever I ‘d been on the verge of giving up, life dangled a carrot in front of me, a…

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