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Photo by Philip Chijioke Abonyi

My being now radiates with grace,
in it, a new love can thrive.
I am a phoenix rising from the ashes,
shedding the remnants of my past,
my wings stretch wide,
and the colours of the dawn unfold in a glorious cast.


I embrace the beauty of metamorphosis,
a butterfly emerging from its cocoon,
my old self a distant memory,
a new persona taking its place in full bloom.


Like a shooting star soaring high above the sky,
I reach for the sun,
my spirit brimming with energy,
my heart beating like a drum.


When my eyes catch a glimpse
of the world’s endless possibilities,
I transform my soul into a garden,
filled with vivid hues and fragrant scents.


It blooms like a rose,
each petal representing my journey
towards self-discovery,
a canvas of emotions painted in layers,
each one telling a story.


My scars are now a thing of beauty,
a roadmap to my growth and renewal,
each challenge I face,
a testament to the strength and resilience of my soul.


I am a work of art, a masterpiece in progress,
the product of life’s challenges,
a reflection of the beauty that arises from the ashes.


Philip Chijioke Abonyi  is the third round winner of our weekly writing competition. He wins $100 AUD and publication in the archipelago


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