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Nocturnal alchemy

Nocturnal alchemy

photo from pixabay

In the book of hidden wonders
When the night comes
She will be found in the darkness
An object of beauty
Although wild is she.

Obscure sorrows
From a heart of darkness
Beauty in thorns
Recalling a lost love song.

A lifetime of improbable days
The ten thousand doors of January
A peacock summer
Paris, my sweet she whispers to her perfume lover
A happy place where people read and drink coffee
And now, it’s cold enough for snow.

Succulent wild woman
In a painted veil
Alone under the midnight sun.

The best kind of beautiful
Is when things fall apart
Drink whisky in a teacup
And lament the probable future
For the fault is in the stars
A beautiful mess.

Intimate strangers
This is for you
An encyclopaedia of a broken heart
The rules of magic never gave us
Rainbows in the clouds.

Her last words to him
It ends with us
We were never friends.


Kerri-Ann is the fifth round winner of our weekly writing competition. She wins $100 AUD and publication in the archipelago.


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