the archipelago Rohingya Writers Prize

It is time to change the conversation around Rohingya and restore the lost history of Rohingya. Rohingya literature and history has been systematically erased by the government of Myanmar in their ongoing genocide against the Rohingya people. With this prize, we aim to support Rohingya writers who are currently displaced to rewrite their history and create new narratives. Enter the competition on this page below.

We are looking for people who are deeply  committed to writing and have the personal dream of being a writer. 

Our goal is not only to hold a writing competition. We are looking for talented writers to collaborate with you and create new projects to support other Rohingya writers.  We welcome your ideas and you are welcome to Contact Us

Competition Details:

Who can enter? This prize is open to any writer who is a Rohingya person currently living in Bangladesh, Myanmar, Malaysia, Thailand and India.

What type of writing? You can write every kind of writing, such as fiction, non-fiction, poetry, creative writing, personal story, or journalism story. The maximum length is 3,000 words or shorter. Please note: your writing does not have to be about refugee experiences. You can write about anything you like. All writing must be new writing that has not been published previously.

What is the prize? The winner of the competition will win $500 AUD and publication in the archipelago literary magazine.

When is the deadline? All entries must be submitted before 11.59pm on August 31st 2022.


Submit your writing here: COMPETITION ENTRY FORM


Who are we?

the archipelago is a group of international writers around the world. We publish the archipelago online literary magazine. We are committed to mentoring writers to build their personal writing careers and to share their writing with a global audience. This competition idea has been started by the archipelago journalism editor JN Joniad, who is a Rohingya writer.  

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