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Show Me The Beauties Of This World

Show Me The Beauties Of This World

give me freedom let me growing,
give me safe room to be stronger,

let’s be together stronger,
change the world we’re together
bring the peace in this world,

nothing impossible if we’re together,
give me a white board teach me writing,
give me a marker to write a peace word,
give a book to read it
instead gun to shot it,
give me teacher to learn new things,
give me your hand and take my hand, show me the beauties of this world,

teach me to be wise stay far from depression,
I need your encouragement in this hard situation,

teach me positive things to be creative,
teach me the right way to see my success,

let’s be together delete the inhibition
bring the ambition and celebration,
we’re together solve the problems of everyone in this world, 

give me a safe room when I’m wake up feelings free safe and courageous,
let me plant a tree next day we’ll eat the fruit it together,
give me a chance to see beauty of world,
give me a pen with notebook to write a book about freedom, 

let’s be together stronger change the world we’re together,
bring the peace in this world, 

we’re together stronger nothing impossible when we’re together


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