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A Little Lonely Fairy Girl

A Little Lonely Fairy Girl

The sky glowed with beautiful colors like a rainbow as a single fairy girl flew gracefully. She remembered a time when she didn’t have wings on her back. It was when she turned 20 that the wings suddenly appeared. But what happened before that? Well, that’s when Alsa’s story truly began:
Once upon a time, there lived a family of four with each member having unique ideas and behaviors. The parents were distant from each other, and the children consisted of a boy or a girl. Although the boy didn’t find it enjoyable, his younger sisters adored working together with him to discover their abilities and gain fresh understanding. Sadly, Alsa felt lonely because her family was fractured. She was scared to trust others and had difficulty making friends.

The girl’s name was Alsa. She was smaller than most kids and always wanted to be a fairy. She wished to help people and give them the support she never had. Little did she know that her wishes would come true when she turned twenty years old. It felt like a dream because her parents had told her that achieving a perfect score in school was all it took. So, that’s exactly what she did. Alsa worked hard and finished two grades in each year. When she was only sixteen, she completed her school education and immediately joined a university. At the age of twenty, she finished her university studies and got a degree in Engineering. Then, she started looking for a job. However, destiny had other plans for her. Her wish was about to be granted.

One day, Alsa saw a girl crying and asking for help far away. The girl was stuck in a tall spot, and everything happened quickly. Alsa saw how scared the girl was and instantly, her wings appeared from her back. She flew towards the girl while covering her face with a mask. Once Alsa saved the
girl, she quickly went back to her room. She couldn’t believe that her wish had come true and felt extremely happy.

As time passed, Alsa provided assistance to many people and became well-known as the “Fairy Girl” in her community. Nonetheless, nobody was aware of her real appearance because she consistently wore a mask whenever she turned into a fairy. The mask would only disappear from her face when someone touched her forehead.
Alsa went into the forest and found some magical creatures called fairies living there. The interesting thing was that only Alsa could see them because she was also a fairy, not a human. Alsa could talk to the fairies and they were very nice to her. They helped her a lot by giving her special books about fairies and manuals that explained how to use machines. With their help, Alsa made a special machine to take care of her fairy wings. Finally, she built a house in a tree in the forest where she could live happily with the fairies.

In the town where Alsa lived, a virus started to spread. To stop it from spreading further, everyone needed to get vaccinated. Alsa was busy helping the people in the town, making sure they got the support they needed. While she was doing all this, she realized that her own health was getting worse. Her wings became weak, making it hard for her to fly. Alsa went back to her room and discovered that there was a problem with her blood. After doing a lot of reading about fairies, she found out that the virus affected all fairies, and the vaccine couldn’t help them. Sadly, Alsa had caught the virus while getting the vaccine.
Unable to discover a cure, she became sad and lost her abi;lity to fly. Each day, she thought deeply about what to do. Whenever Alsa went outside, she heard people talking about the Fairy Girl, asking for her help with their confusion. They questioned: What happened to the Fairy Girl? Was she sick? Did she need help? Listening to their discussions, Alsa felt a combination of feeling sorry for herself and caring for her people.
She got an idea from a fairy tale book. She thought about what would happen if everyone gathered around a fairy and silently wished for the fairy to get better. They could write down their heartfelt wishes and give them to the fairy. Then, the wishes would be placed in a bowl of clean water for about a day, and hopefully, the fairy would get well.

Alsa, who was known as the Fairy Girl, had a secret treehouse that nobody knew about. She wanted to keep it a secret, so she came up with a plan. She decided to write a letter as the Fairy Girl, but she didn’t reveal her true identity. Instead, she asked the people in the town to come to her house and pray for her well-being. She also asked them to write personal messages on pieces of paper and give them to the fairy. When the townspeople read the fairy’s message, they agreed to participate and support Alsa. They all gathered at her house, Alsa gave them a secret code, “Little Lonely Fairy Girl,” to open the door. They followed the instructions from the Fairy Girl carefully.

Alsa got better and could now fly happily and freely wherever she wanted. She became even stronger than before, which meant she could fly for a longer time without getting tired. With her newfound strength, she could now visit every country by flying to them.


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