Peace in Exile: Refugees and The Last Attachments

Black and white are the two dominant colours that manifest in the lives of people who are in uncertainty. Sometimes there is a very strong belief, and other times that belief can turn into a feeling of very strong pessimism. Tossed around by the unpredictable dynamics of life and its changes every day, their lives…

Kami Menanti ‘Rumah’ dalam Gelap Pekat di Penampungan

Di Afganistan, aku sudah menekuni seni lukis. Di Indonesia, aku kemudian juga menggeluti fotografi. Karya foto menjadi caraku menyampaikan dan membagikan kesedihan dan rasa sakit tak terperi para pengungsi hari demi hari, di mana aku turut menjadi bagian.

In the Darkness of the Refugee Center, We Await ‘Home’

Back in Afghanistan, I was a painter. In Indonesia, I also pursued photography. Photographs became a way for me to convey and share the grief and indescribable pain that we refugees have to face daily.

Ali Froghi on Depicting the Daily Lives of Refugees in Makassar

In conversation with Hazara photographer Ali Froghi   Kieren Kresevic Salazar: This series focuses on the experiences of Hazara men in Makassar, Indonesia. How does your relationship to the men you depict influence your purpose as a photographer?   Ali Froghi: For me, it is to explain and to share the pain of what refugees are…