Listen to Mac Donald Dixon, read “Blood Islands” In the beginning there was nothing, nothing…

H.R. 11148

Short film by Hope Fa-Kaji   A Bill for the relief of Mary Therese Chen,…


I still think of you. How the heart is an organ with capability to make…


What are you, they ask with their eyes and — the bolder — with their…

Born here, I am already a sinner

look at how they’re sweeping cocoa from
my shell into gold-dusted portmanteaux.
what can i say? my government borrowed from them all.
call me the prodigal son, but i never asked for my
share of this money to squander. my bad.


  A wanderer I’m dreaming of a peaceful world One day I was asked about…

Steal Back My Freedom

One day I will steal back my freedom The steps I’ve been prevented to take…

Nocturnal alchemy

In the book of hidden wonders When the night comes She will be found in…

Where Do I Belong?

  I finally had found a place where peace was dominant But not for me…

Endless Sorrow اندوه بی سرانجام


Oh loneliest wayfarer

Loneliest history emerging from war

The Geography of Love جغرافیای عشق

I am certain

That one day the sun will be jealous

Of the heat of my desire

Baka Bukas

Remembering to utter,
“Baka bukas.”
“Maybe tomorrow.”

What If

What if all the lands were free and vast
All the wounds were rivers
flowing from the past

Everything Changes

The sea you seek refuge to
and the shore sand you secretly
bury your doubts into.

Seven Days

My mind is floating somewhere
between time and space.