Endless Sorrow اندوه بی سرانجام


Oh loneliest wayfarer

Loneliest history emerging from war

The Woman From Kunduz زن قندوزی

زن قندوزی هر شب به تو فکر میکنم هر روز به چمدان مسافر فرودگاه و…

The Geography of Love جغرافیای عشق

I am certain

That one day the sun will be jealous

Of the heat of my desire

Show Me The Beauties Of This World

let’s be together delete the inhibition
bring the ambition and celebration, 
we’re together solve the problems

I Gave Up Pretending

And my heart is more restless than ever.
I think I can no longer
Continue to pretend.

Baka Bukas

Remembering to utter,
“Baka bukas.”
“Maybe tomorrow.”

Give Me a Piece of Land

Give me a piece of land,
Where I bury my body but not my soul
Where I bury my despair of letdown but not the thrill of my well-done

Most of the Blackberries are Sour شاه توت‌ها بيش‌ترشان تَرشند

خنده‌هايت را زندگی مي‌كنم
كه عمق خنده‌هايت
اشتهای آينه را چند برابر می‌كنند

Despairs of the City بغض‌هاي شهر

And I get lost in the leisure of watching you
And cover your unfamiliar lips
Under the rain of my lips

The Smell of Cigarettes حرف كه مي‌زني

دريا دامنش را جمع مي‌كند
و ماه پايين مي‌آيد
باد با كوچ پرندهگان

Colorful Nightmares كابوس‌هاي رنگي

I stand beside the window

I count trees one by one

There is nobody in the alley

Outskirt of the Sea دامن دريا

با بخار نفسهايم صدايت مي‌زنم

در زمستان يخ‌زدهی كابل

خيابان‌ها را يكييكي مي‌شمارم

مانند تاكسي‌هاي سِمِج

Salty Fish ماهي شور

I become a bitter fish

in your river

you discard me

What If

What if all the lands were free and vast
All the wounds were rivers
flowing from the past

Everything Changes

The sea you seek refuge to
and the shore sand you secretly
bury your doubts into.

Seven Days

My mind is floating somewhere
between time and space.