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Time Travel

Time Travel

The past is full of mystery,
A site of wonder and a fantasy,
If only we could make a choice,
And talk upon the past’s sweet voice.

Imagine if we could go back,
To a time we cherish without a lack,
And perceive the moments we let go,
To relive them and feel once more.

We could call upon our youth,
To find the moments of sweet truth,
For in the past, we feel reborn,
And all our memories preserved and adorned.

The past is not just what’s gone,
It’s a guiding light that shines upon,
Our present self, that needs to recall,
The lessons of our journey and our fall.

So let’s call out to the past,
And let our memories forever last,
For through them, we find our way,
To live the present and the following day.

The past can be a looking glass,
To see the present with new razzle-dazzle,
To find the hope where once we thought it lost,
And to relive the moments without the cost.

The past is where we find a clue,
To dreams that once we thought untrue,
In the present, we can build it anew
And make our fantasies, one by one, come true.

The past is where our love is stored,
To see it once more, we long for more,
And with each heartbeat, we fall in love,
And call the past to cherish from above.

The past is the seed that we can sow,
To make the present and future glow,
To water it with our love and care,
And let the past be the fountain of our air.

So let’s call upon the past,
And let it be our guiding star at last,
For through it, we’ll find a joy to last,
And we’ll cherish it until the future has passed.

The past is where our history lies,
And from it, lessons that we’ve seemed to despise,
But if we call it from the depths below,
The future will soar and life will glow.

The past is a treasure to behold,
And in it, gems that we’ve forever told,
But if we look with a fresh new sight,
The past will shine on and we’ll hold it tight.

The past is where our stories live,
And in them, moments that we forgive,
So let’s call the past with all our might,
And let the memories make all things right.

The past is what we make of it,
A place of dreams we thought to fit,
And with it, the future is just a call,
To live a life that makes it all.

So let’s call upon the past,
And cherish it until our last,
For through the past, we learn to see,
The beauty of life and forever be.


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