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What Is My Name?

What Is My Name?

What is my name?
For I know it is not the same,
I have lost my identity,
To the world’s entity.

I look towards the sunrise,
Hoping to find familiarity in the skies,
However, I find not
Any inkling of remanence I forgot.

The noise starts to grow,
A shred of memories shows,
Then the voices overwhelm,
No more I am in the same realm.

Their call I recognise not,
The people I cannot spot,
Yet they whisper nothing sweetly,
So, any hope tarnishes completely.

Then I am introduced,
All confidence is reduced,
For who am I to be called,
Because the thought of uncertainty is appalled.

They mummer with the other spectators,
Giving advice like they are dictators,
Furthering my cluelessness.
As they display their ruthlessness.

I leave the stage with tears,
Cradling all my fears,
I remember not,
My name that is sought.

Thus, I shout and plead,
My name I need,
Tell me that I am that same dame.
I ask, What is my name?



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