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Journey of Lonely Girl

Journey of Lonely Girl

Photo by Esra

Imagine a teenage girl without family living in the streets in a strife-torn country where there is no safe place to eat. She doesn’t know what food to eat or what will happen to her the following day.

Here’s the story.

On a beautiful sunny day, someone came to her and promised her better living conditions. She believed that stranger’s words. That person brought her to a family she thought would have a better state of life, but she immediately found out that they wanted her to be a maid in the house. Unfortunately, they did not take good care of her. She ran the house and decided to go back to the streets, rather than living with family treat her like she slave.

Again, she started to live her way in streets with risky and unsafe situations for a long time and didn’t get help. She couldn’t find a home because of the country’s situation. No one cares for children or orphan ones. A man came to her and told her whether she would work and support his family as a maid, where there were hopes in it. She was miserable that choice. Moreover, she accepted the offer.

After, a rigid and uneasy situation brought her to another new family where she worked without payment at all. She was wondering “in what world do I live in?”. As a teenager, she had many questions. She did not even have the audacity to go to the police.

When family got a sponsor to go Europe, she arrived in a country where the majority of people are white, things got harder every single day. She faced discrimination and weird looks from strangers. People in the streets asked her why she came to Europe. Indeed, she is visually different among people in public places.

She needed a friend, someone who cares about her in a strange land. Someone who looks after her as a black teenage girl in a place where most people are white. She was gloomy, trying to find a way out of the unfair situation. She did not give up. She was walking through sharp coarse gravel.

After years of challenging years, being discriminated against, and being overlooked, things are getting brighter. She started learning language and found her passion to be a designer. By getting experience she applied to many internships for companies after a few rejection. She met her future husband and achieve her goal to be a designer and a mother of two fearless children.

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