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What If

What If

Abdulsalam A. Sh.

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What if all the colours were red

all the walls were broken

and all the words were spoken

long before we were dead.


What if all the tears were made of stars

all the bodies were made of glass

and all the faces were made of mirrors

that reflect our scars.


What if we lived in a place

where there’s no first or second class

where freedom doesn’t mean hatred

where fear is the only thing crucified

where dignity is sacred

and oppression is not justified.


What if all the lands were free and vast

all the wounds were rivers

flowing from the past

all the eyes were pure as the sky

all the fists were flying up high

all the screams were heard

and all the shackles were burned.

What if all the hearts were bonded together

what if they could beat and sing and weep together.


What if living was not just the opposite of death

and one’s silence was not another one’s last breath

What if we all belonged to the same womb

and shared the same bed,

the same name,

the same tomb.


What if our shoes were theirs

and their roads were ours

What if we all stood naked

on the shoreline of humanity

and beheld the beauty of our differentiality.


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