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Salty Fish ماهي شور

Salty Fish ماهي شور

Artwork by M Faizi. M Faizi is a painter, designer and teacher. She holds a History degree from Balkh University.

Salty Fish


I become a bitter fish

in your river

you discard me


I become a sweet fish

in your stream

you roast me


I become a salty fish

in the small pool of your house

so you can neither discard me

nor keep me


ماهي شور


ماهي تلخي ميشوم

درون رودخانهات

بيرونم مي‌اندازي

ماهي شيريني ميشوم

درون چشمهات

كبابم ميكني

ماهي شوري ميشوم

درون حوض خانهات

كه نه بیرونم بيندازي

.و نه نگهم داري


Translated from Persian by Sassan Tabatabai. Sassan Tabatabai is a poet, translator, and scholar of medieval Persian literature. He is Coordinator of the Persian Language Program at Boston University.


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