Hafizullah Shariati Sahar

Dr Hafizullah Shariati (Sahar) has been a professor at Ibin-Sina University, Goharshad, Rabia Balkhi, Khatib and Gharjestan in Kabul, Afghanistan. He holds a PhD in literature and linguistics, his doctoral dissertation is the first serious linguistic study of the Hazaragi dialect. For more than twenty years, he has been composing poetry, translating poetry, and studying the literary, cultural, social, and oral culture of the people. Dr Shariati is familiar with Persian, English, Norwegian, Urdu, Arabic and Pashto. He is a colleague of Marefat High School, the managing director of Radio Marefat and a colleague of Radio Neda and Radio Farhang, a member of the editorial board of "Contemporary Literature" and "Farkhar" quarterly. He has been the editor of "Simorgh" weekly, the managing director of "Kara" weekly and "Civil Discourse" quarterly.

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