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The Smell of Cigarettes حرف كه مي‌زني

The Smell of Cigarettes حرف كه مي‌زني

Artwork by M Faizi

حرف كه مي‌زني


دريا دامنش را جمع مي‌كند

و ماه پايين مي‌آيد

باد با كوچ پرندهگان

آواز‌هاي مرا تا دوردست‌ها مي‌برد

شاعران شعرت مي‌كنند

و درختان برايت دست تكان مي‌دهند

اما تو

با انگشتاني كه بوي سیگار مي‌دهند

.آرام از كنار خطوط موازي جهان مي‌گذری


The Smell of Cigarettes


When you speak

The sea gathers its skirt

And the moon comes down

The wind carries my songs

With migrating birds to distant places

Poets turn you into a poem

And trees wave at you

But you

With fingers that smell of cigarettes

Walk gently along the parallel lines of the world


Translated from Persian by Tayler Hall. Hall studies Human Physiology and Persian Cultural Studies at Boston University.

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