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What Does the Celebration of Refugee Day Mean?

What Does the Celebration of Refugee Day Mean?

On 20th June, the world celebrates World Refugee Day. This year as the archipelago we focus on messages our writers will share to hear their voice of describing needed actions for Refugee Day instead of telling sad stories about flee and horrible violence mention.

All these messages are needed to reach decision makers, people who have power to advocate and policy changers.

It’s important to spread and hear their call for Action, looking for basic human rights and better life. 

These below statements are from writers from refugee communities living in Indonesia. They are calling for action and intention of humanity and justice. 

We celebrate refugee days not because we are happy to be a refugee, we celebrate because we want to tell everyone we still can live, grow, be, and raise individuals who can be the best for the world despite being a victim, despite having no rights, despite living in limbo, and we always remind ourselves how hard we should try! For doing that we need collaboration between the refugee communities and the responsible organizations .” Raha Azadi a writer from  Afghanistan 

 I call on the countries that provide resettlement to refugees and others who are currently interested in receiving refugees. Indonesia has trained refugees who are well-versed in their security and care who are able to improve themselves and their country as much as possible.  It is possible that these people will bring some benefits to your country that you did not expect or know aboutAhmed Rashid writer from Somalia.

“It is difficult to understand the feelings of the people that you aren’t in their position but it is not impossible or imaginable. Consider yourselves in refugees’ shoes for a second and think about the hardship and suffering that they endure then you will find out that it is not the time for words but action. Happy refugee day to you who have decided to take hands and save lives. Happy refugee day to me and to the people like me who have almost lost everything but not hope.” Asadullah Amiry writer from Afghanistan 

“Our stories bring strength to the rest of the world to live in safety and know the meaning of security and safety that is priceless. I am from a homeland half of which is a martyr and half of it is a refugee inside and outside, and half of it is waiting and suffering from the misery of this life. A smile, a hug, a beautiful word, listening to our stories, reading our stories, or just commenting on our stories changes our day and makes us the happiest people in the world. Refugees do not have a choice: the choice is yours.” Abu Maha  writer from Sudan 

I wish that five years later no any homeless, no any violence, in June 20 we celebrate full of happiness, without stress of violence, we have many amazing people in everywhere of this world, that work for refugee, they have beautiful heart, but we can’t expect that they solve all refugee’s problems, 

But if everyone individually improve their humanitarian feels then we can expect that solve all the problems of refugee and kindness will shine in this world, Juma Khan writer  from Afghanistan 

I am calling to the host countries to scrutinize refugee people in Indonesia as an opportunity, not as a threat! Because each refugee is capable of bringing some positive changes to your country. To have a better and a strong community, open your heart and let them be your citizens”.Kasra Frozan a writer from Afghanistan 

I encourage every refugee to see him/herself beyond the concept of refugee, that means seeing oneself with the potential of achieving anything. And I also encourage the non-refugee seeing this message to peel layer labels that are glued on to us – including the name of refugee and see refugees as human beings like yourself” Hussain Shah a writer from Afghanistan 

A person seeking refuge in a country deals with prior trauma and the separation from family. He or she is placed into a new environment with no job and educational prospects. All of these hardships are difficult to endure in the face of an uncertain and unknown future. I am saying a refugee should have the same rights as other citizens of any country to ensure that his or her future is full of opportunities. Starting today is the time to act in your capacity as a privileged person to save a life . Nura Faloul a writer from Eritrea 

While you wait for the world leaders and politicians to find you durable solutions, your fundamental rights do not exist. You cannot work, study, and travel.  You are separated from your families and loved ones who remain primarily stuck in their home countries and in danger.

The anxiety and uncertainty destroy your well-being and crush your hope of eventual freedom from persecution, isolation, and exclusion of any real opportunity to rebuild your life.

If you want to change your tomorrow’s fate, you must act today! Otherwise, the situation will remain the same if we rely on the leaders and politicians. JN Joniad a writer from Rohingya 

 All above mentioned call actions from writers, those are ownership of the day of refugee stories that represent the rest of refugee communities voices looking for justice and to serve humanity. Taking action is the responsibility of everybody to have freedom of life.




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